In addition to storytelling with magical props, your Santa visit will also include singing fun Christmas songs that everyone will know, as well as a couple of funny "North Pole versions" of songs that both children and adults will find amusing. Santa will even share a charming puppetry presentation, Teddy The Teddy Bear.

And of course there'll be plenty of opportunities for video and photos.

​Since this visit is a nice list check-up, Santa will make sure all the children are on the nice list with his "magic naughty & nice meter."

The children will be encouraged to continue to be good and Santa will reward  each child with a personalized Nice List Certificate and Medal!

Santa Claus is available for hire in the following areas: Tulsa, Owasso, Verdigris, Catoosa, New Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa, Sperry, Skiatook, Sand Springs, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Claremore.

These unique, high quality keepsakes will make a big impression on children. Everybody knows children love to receive awards and recognition. Santa will conduct a special award ceremony as he gives individual attention to each child. Be sure and have your camera ready!

Santa will present a personalized certificate and a medal to each child!

The medals really are magic! They help children remember to be good. The back of the medal says “Hang this magic medal on your doorknob at bedtime. It will help you remember to be good. Your Friend, Santa." Santa always reads the back when he puts the medal around the child’s neck. The last thing he asks is “Do you remember where to hang your medal tonight at bedtime?” And they answer “On my doorknob!” Santa says “That’s right! It’s magic, because it will help you remember to be good!" That's the kind of magic parents can really believe!

Copyright Chris Capstone 2015

Santa Claus will make a pre-Christmas visit to do a "Nice List Check-Up"

Hire Santa Claus in Tulsa for a private home visit!

Availability for home visits is VERY LIMITED!!! 

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Just imagine the surprise on their little faces when the children in your home see Santa walking in the door! 

Santa wears a custom wool suit, real hair whiskers, real leather boots and belt with a solid brass belt buckle that weighs a pound!

The children will experience the "real" Santa. He'll amaze them with Christmas magic as he shows them his "magic time tinker" that stops time, his "magic way finder" that sends him on his route around the world, and other secrets to great mysteries of Santa Claus and Christmas! 

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